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POLI 251 American Political Institutions
University of California, San Diego (doctoral)
This course introduces doctoral students to some of the major themes in American political institutions.  It is designed to prepare students for the Institutions portion of the comprehensive exam in the field of American Politics.

POLI 100X Data Analysis and U.S. Politics
University of California, San Diego (undergraduate)
This course examines American politics from a computational point of view. Through in-class work and hands-on assignments, we will use data science tools to collect, analyze, and visualize data related to various facets of federal level politics in the U.S. Students will develop statistical and computational skills that will assist them in advanced analyses of elections, legislative outcomes, lobbying, and other dynamics of the lawmaking process in Congress.  This course counts as an upper division course in the data analytics track.

POLI 100B The U.S. Congress
University of California, San Diego (undergraduate)
The U.S. Congress is central to our understanding of policy, elections, and representative democracy.  The purpose of this course is to examine two fundamental questions: (1) what do members of Congress do and why and (2) how do the individual and collective actions of members of Congress explain national policy?  We will examine the process of legislating as well as the role of political parties, leaders, and interest groups in congressional politics.

POLI 100Z Gender and American Politics
University of California, San Diego (undergraduate)
This course examines the role of gender in American politics.  We begin by considering women and men as citizens and voters.  How do women and men differ in their political opinions and voting behavior?  We also examine theories of representation and sort through leading explanations for why women remain underrepresented in political office.  In the latter part of the course, we turn to the elite level and investigate whether women legislative differently than their male counterparts and how the broader political context influences patterns of women's representation.

Teaching Awards

Harvard Kennedy School Dean's Award for Excellence in Teaching

2016-2017 (one of two Teaching Fellows awarded school-wide)

Harvard University Bok Center Certificate of Distinction

Fall 2015, The Politics of Congress

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