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Ban, Pamela, Ju Yeon Park, and Hye Young You.  Hearings on the Hill: The Politics of Informing Congress.  Manuscript in production, Cambridge University Press.  Political Economy of Institutions and Decisions series.

Ban, Pamela.  Checks and Imbalances: When Congress Succeeds and Fails at Controlling the Bureaucracy.  Manuscript in progress.


Ban, Pamela.  "Information and Party Influence in the U.S. Congress."  Forthcoming, Journal of Political Institutions and Political Economy.

Ban, Pamela, Ju Yeon Park, and Hye Young You.  2023.  "How Are Politicians Informed? Witnesses and Information Provision in Congress."  American Political Science Review 117(1): 122-139.

Ban, Pamela, Justin Grimmer, Jaclyn Kaslovsky, and Emily West.  2022. "How Does the Rising Number of Women in the U.S. Congress Change Deliberation? Evidence from House Committee Hearings."  Quarterly Journal of Political Science 17(3): 355-387. 

Ban, Pamela, Maxwell Palmer and Benjamin Schneer.  2019.  "From the Halls of Congress to K Street: Government Experience and its Value for Lobbying." Legislative Studies Quarterly 44(4): 714-752.

Ban, Pamela and Hye Young You.  2019.  "Presence and Influence in Lobbying: Evidence from Dodd-Frank."  Business and Politics 21(2): 267-295.

Ban, Pamela, Alexander Fouirnaies, Andrew B. Hall, and James M. Snyder, Jr.  2019.  "How Newspapers Reveal Political Power."  Political Science Research and Methods 7(4): 661-678.

Ban, Pamela, Elena Llaudet, and James M. Snyder, Jr.  2016.  "Challenger Quality and the Incumbency Advantage."  Legislative Studies Quarterly 41(1): 153-179.

Selected Working Papers

Ban, Pamela and Jaclyn Kaslovsky.  "Local Orientation in the U.S. Congress."  Invited to Revise and Resubmit, American Journal of Political Science.

Ban, Pamela and Seth J. Hill.  "Efficacy of Congressional Oversight."  Under Review.

Ban, Pamela and Jennifer Gaudette.  "Interest Groups and Information Provision in Judicial Politics: Evidence from Amicus Briefs."  Under Review.

Ban, Pamela, Ju Yeon Park, and Hye Young You.  "Bureaucrats in Congress: The Politics of Interbranch Information Sharing."

Ban, Pamela, Daniel Moskowitz, and James M. Snyder, Jr.  "Leadership Power in Congress: Evidence from PAC Contributions and Newspaper Coverage."

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